DDoS: Server Screen Implementations

For the past weeks, I have focused on creating a working environment such as the layout of the offices and server room. I also worked on the camera’s paths which I founded difficult to implement. Each week work helps pave the way for this week’s work since I needed their working functions for the server display.  furthermore, this […]

DDoS: Camera Path Creation

This week, I worked on constructing some game functionality to the project. Functions such as dialogue and camera path were altered.  The concept of the game is to simulate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) using motions and graphics. As of now, we are in the integrated phase of the project where we are formulating our ideas into the […]

DDoS: Group Discussion

For this week, my colleagues and I decided to go over what we did the previous week. When talked about ways to enhance the game environment. We talked about the camera positions, the player movements and interaction with other characters. After the discussion with my colleagues, I decided to work on the camera positions. The […]

DDoS: Environment Designs

We are in the process of putting things together for the game. This week, I have been working on constructing the design of the work environments. I created three rooms: a servers, and three offices. The stage was designed using Unity 3D objects and assets taken from Unity Asset store. Since the layouts and designs […]

DDoS: Game Layout

This week, we’ve been working on the game design–basically brainstorming on the possible flow. I have come up with a general and temporary layout of the game which would help guard the development process. I came up with five (5) scenes are the structures of the game flow. Each scene is made to contain its own […]

DDoS: Literary Reviews

Text: Security Engineering Second Edition by Ross Anderson, Chapter 21(Network Attack and Defense) This week, we continue our study of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). I took the initiative to review Ross Anderson’s work on concepts of Security with a concentration on DDoS.  Anderson talks about varieties of network attacks. Many of them include vulnerabilities in network protocols, […]

DDoS: Game Design (001)

We have begun to work on the second project game’s designs. The project is about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). We’re in the process of brainstorming the ideal structure to implement. Below are references to videos which contain the layouts of DDoS attacks. Types of DDoS Attacks   How to Prevent DDoS Attacks   DDoS […]