Updates_PreTest/PostTest Implementation Drafts

This update features an inclusion of Pre-Test and Post-Test. We were not able to include this feature because of the limited amount of time we had between updates and testing. Previously, we tested the game with the pre-test and Post-test being tested separately. The feature which was introduced by our Mentor, Dr. Zhang, is to include a pretest and post-test in the game. I came up with a rough draft on how to implement this idea. This idea is subjected to change though.

You may click on each picture to reveal its descriptions. I will go into depth of their implementations Later. Without any waste of precious time, let’s begin.  **Ignore the incorrect spelling of “Scene” in the figures.  🙂

Figure1: This shows the general outline of the project. I came up with this draft and has not been verified with my mentor at this moment.

Figure 2: The problem with the pre-test is finding the location of where to place it. I felt that it would be appropriate if this is placed in the Menu scene. The goal is to place a link in the Menu scene under the “Create New Account” button. This button is to be called “Pre-Test/Post-Test”. Before the player starts a new game,  the pre-test has to be completed.

Figure 3: This section goes a bit in depth of what the newly added button in figure 2 does. When the player clicks the “Pre-Test/Post-Test” button, a window panel pops up which asks the player to select the quiz they want. Once the specific quiz is clicked and the player clicks “OK” to confirm the decision, the pre-test panel opens.

Figure 4: This is the important aspect of the update. Our goal is to display the quizzes to the player and this does just that. Once the player completes the question, the option to start the game will be available to the player.

Figure 5: When the player completed the final level, Questions Scene, they will be prompted to take the post-test.

Figure 6: After the player is done with Post-test, the option to submit the quiz will both submit and take the player to the survey site.



Final Decision

After illustrating the draft with my Mentor (Dr. Zhang) and Colleague (Jaris). The best placement of the pre-test quiz is the moment the game launches.

My goal is to launch it once the Security Game fades way.



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