Updates_PreTest/PostTest Unity Implementations

Monday, July 17, I worked on Implementing the pre test and post test functionalities into the game. The work is still in progress, but the difficult part(starting the work) is done with. As of now, the designs and the basic programming to start the process is completed.

Designs of Questions

The Pre-test and Post Test will have the same questions, but the order in which they appear defers. Because of this, I decided to use the same template for both the pre-test and the post-test. The idea is to make sure the pre-test is fixed and working since is the blueprint to the post-test. As for the Design, the questions and answer are divided in a way that each question is on the left followed by the answer choices on the right.  Initially, the answer choices were to be beneath the questions and were supposed to be multiple choice; but because of space, I decided to place them on the right of the questions. Furthermore, I also switch from Multiple choice Radio button to drop-down User Interface(UI). Like I said early, space was limited for the radio button multiple choice. Using DropDown is way simple and space management. Another problem arose when I place the answer on the right. The text in the drop-down dox become difficult to read, therefore, I scale it and placed it beneath each question. The Figures below show the pre-Test Designs.



Writing the code is as difficult as I thought. How each function in the code connects is the worrying part. Anyways, the hard part is not yet done. This part of the code gave me a foundation to improve upon.

I hard coded each question and answer into a script since these questions and answers are to be used later in the post-test. I created a two Dimensional array to store each answer along with a text to identify it. Furthermore, I create a variable of TEXT to display the questions on the screen. This is something I have done in the past, so it was a simple task. The most difficult part was the displaying the questions in the drop-dox box. This is the first time I worked with this Unity’s GameObject. I declared this functionality a bug on Monday, July 17, after spending hours without solutions. After spending some times with it on Tuesday, I learned what I needed to do with it. What I learned is that this GameObject has public fields that are accessible to the public. The is a field called Options that displays the text in the drop-down box. I basically access that field by connecting my script to it, and I was able to display what I wanted.

Future Work

I am glad I was able to display the questions and answers on the screen. Now I can concentrate on data relationships such as indicating which answer is right and wrong, which one is selected, and the design of the text file.



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