Updates_ Game Video creating and Editing


Previously, I created a preview of the game. Unfortunately, the quality of the video was low; and also, some new feature such as the pre-test and post-test were added, therefore the video had to be created again. Instead of recording the Android version of the game, I have decided to record it using the desktop version for better quality.

Game Resolutions

I should know this part of the project very well. Each time the game is built, the resolution somehow seems to change. Previously, the resolution for the PC version was 1024×728. After upgrading Unity to a new version (Unity 5.6.2), the resolution seems not to be supported. The preferred resolution I desired for the game 16:9. Due to this semi-problem, I had to change the resolution for the PC to 1280×720. Before the game starts, I gave the player the option to chose their desired resolution. The player has two options to chose from 1280×720 and 1366×768. I have not tried this resolution on another monitor to verify its correctness. For now, I am keeping my hopes that these resolutions work for any monitors.


[Postponed: 7/27] Some problem game up with data saving. The recording has been placed hold till this issue is dealt with. When I was recording, saved data were to reset after the game has been built. Since these data were not reset, some feature are not visible.




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