DDoS: Pre/Post quizzes Implementation

This week, I added the pre-quiz and post-quiz to the game. There are five (5) questions each for the pre-quiz and post-quiz. The goal of adding the quizzes is to get the player’s feedback after playing the game. For starter, the pre-quiz questions are displayed to the play at the beginning of TCP/SYN session. After the […]

DDoS: April 27, GameObject Updates

This week, I worked on updating some assets of the game. On such asset/gameboject that was replaced was the boss of the game. Previously, there was a placeholder boss character. We decided to replace it with a relatable object. The result of that is shown in the image below. We also change the dialogue images associated with […]

DDoS: April 20, Network Components Updates

This week, I worked on implementing some updates to the Network Components session of the game. I added new features to the game which was a new concept. I concentrated on the basic network components such as Internet Protocol Address, servers, Clients, and, Transport Media. these components were conceptual layout in the form of simulation. At the end […]

DDOS: Game Testing and Evaluation

Phishing game was tested in class. Testing went well. We tested game during five (5) difference class sessions. Each testing had a mix of different majors and classifications. This ensures some diversities in the data collection. Furthermore, the game was tested using pc devices. Testing went well. Students were able to finish the game in […]