DDoS: Game Refactoring

We worked on a poster for the GraceHopper Conference which is in the fall of this year. We hope to present the work done at the conference. I also worked on refactoring the game. There were some bugs that needed to be fixed. I fix those. A transition was created between the email screen and […]


This week, we decided to implement a new style of Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS). We used the same concepts used in previous DDOS attack implementation. This particular instant is a basic representation of a DDOS attack. Firstly, the conceptual and focal point was concentrated on a single computer attacking a host. The goal was […]

DDoS: Server Constaints

This week, I worked on implementing the constraints of our server. Previous weeks, I worked on a concept where the constraint of the server is due to the amount of package transferred by the client. For instance, if a client computer transferred a large package, it’d use up the resources of the server. This idea […]

DDoS: Map of Office (Feb. 2)

We decided to create a map of the office. Each section of the office has a computer which is used to connect to the server. The goal of the setup is that we can use these office computers to conduct Distributed Denial of Service attack. An also it’s convenience to know which computers are doing […]

DDOS: Conceptual Layouts

We have been pretty busy this week. Previous work, I showed the email template of the game along with the first conceptual section/email which introduces the network layout. This week, We decided to go straight to the DDOS attack. We have a new section called DDoS attack which teaches the player the fundamentals of DDOS […]