Presentation on Literary works

PowerPoint File: Literary Reviews This week, I was tasked to present a power point presentation on the literary work I have reviewed this week. I have compiled a list of journals which will be presented to be my colleague and mentor. I will take the time to explain one of the journals I found interesting. Journal […]

Updates_Final Paper draft

For a couple of days, we have been working on compiling the work we have done for the summer. The paper contains information we have completed during the summer period. It also contains the result of our publication to SIGITE. Things included in Final Graft of Report: We went into detail of how the pre test […]

Updates_ Game Video creating and Editing

Introduction Previously, I created a preview of the game. Unfortunately, the quality of the video was low; and also, some new feature such as the pre-test and post-test were added, therefore the video had to be created again. Instead of recording the Android version of the game, I have decided to record it using the desktop […]

Updates_LiteratureReviews (06)

Title: Protecting the web: phishing, malware, and other security threats Authors: Greg Aaron Afilias, Horsham, PA, USA Katharine A. Bostik Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, USA Rod Rasmussen Internet Identity, Tacoma, WA, USA Edmon Chung DotASIA Organisation, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Reference: Click to Open Journal Introduction The article shows the different representatives from varieties of organizations who […]