This week, I was tasked with creating a text to speech practice simulator for using Unity. In order to accomplish this, I successfully downloaded an asset from Unity Asset Store which I used its functions. The text to Speech Asset works for Andriod and IOS devices. I was able to create a semi-functional scene to show the […]

Game Testing

This week, we have completed the final testing of the game. So far we have completed about 6 tests. We now have sufficient among of data from our progress of testing. The evaluation progress is on the way as well as the beginning of the next stage of our next project. The next project is to […]

Deploying and Testing Game

This Week has been a busy week. We have begun on the second testing of our game. The game is been test using Android devices. Previous, we tested the PC version of the game. It went well. So far, we have done two tests with the android version, and our final testing will be done […]

Literary Reviews_07

Title: Countering Phishing from Brands’ Vantage Point Authors: Vlad Bulakh Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA Minaxi Gupta Edmodo Inc., San Mateo, CA, USA Reference: Open Site Summary The authors emphasized on the many ways phishers mislead internet users into providing personal information. In my previous blogs, I have reviewed other journals that point out the same […]

Presentation on Literary works

PowerPoint File: Literary Reviews This week, I was tasked to present a power point presentation on the literary work I have reviewed this week. I have compiled a list of journals which will be presented to be my colleague and mentor. I will take the time to explain one of the journals I found interesting. Journal […]

Updates_Final Paper draft

For a couple of days, we have been working on compiling the work we have done for the summer. The paper contains information we have completed during the summer period. It also contains the result of our publication to SIGITE. Things included in Final Graft of Report: We went into detail of how the pre test […]