DDoS: Concepts Module Implementation

This week, I worked on the first template of presenting the research topics. I created multiple canvases to establish that. The first image shows the player email template. The player will receive all necessary information needed to complete the game via email. Each email message is a concept related to Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) […]

DDoS: Visual Traffic

Implement a line-graph which shows the network traffic. I used a component in Unity called particle System to specify the points of the line. After indicating the locations of the points, I used a LineRenderer to draw vertical lines between each point. I had many ideas which I used but did not work. Initially, I […]


Last work, I worked on the functionalities for deleting IP Addresses through the use of buttons. This week, I worked on a similar concept. Ip address which has been served is removed from the queue. Below are images which illustrate the concept. 1. No connection available 2. Queue of IP Address requesting Access (three malicious IPs and […]

DDoS: Connection Traffic

This week, I was able to work on simulating the network traffic for the game. I created a new c# class called SaveData which holds the saved data. I also refactored some of the codes and made it readable for my team. Below are just a few images showing the progress. **These IP addresses are […]

DDoS: Server Screen Implementations

For the past weeks, I have focused on creating a working environment such as the layout of the offices and server room. I also worked on the camera’s paths which I founded difficult to implement. Each week work helps pave the way for this week’s work since I needed their working functions for the server display.  furthermore, this […]